Video Post-production

As an accomplished director and editor and long term expert in digital video post production, having adopted digital video in 1994, very early in the technology cycle, Philip Hodgetts is regularly called on to develop workflows for digital post production, creative effects and tailored training.


In November 2006 he is credited as “saving” the post-production workflow for Dance Revolution by significantly simplifying the steps required without sacrificing quality. This helped reduce post time and the project was finished ahead of deadlines.

He is regularly called upon to develop the steps required for successfully navigating the incredible variety of paths between digital source and delivery format. His clients have delivered for Disney, Fox, Brookwell McNamara and many more. He was Post Production Supervisor for the revision of the movie Paradise Texas.


Although a decreasing part of our desired business, Big Brains For Rent has been called upon to develop the effects workflow and techniques for several projects since moving to the US. Most notably would be the green-screen and film look for the documentary A Musical Journey with Richard Sherman on the 40th Anniversary release DVD for Disney’s Mary Poppins where Richard Sherman was composited into the original Mary Poppins’ film plates.

Tailored Training

Few people use applications in isolation, which is why software training needs to be delivered in the context of the entire post-production workflow: applicaiton and intra-application training together. Big Brains for Rent specializes in custom training and workflow optimization specific to your needs, across application, formats and networks.

Philip Hodgetts has been called to develop tailored training for groups as diverse as a collection of teachers, professors and tutors at James Madison University; producers and editors at Detroit Public Television; and cross-training for multiskilling at Dajen Productions.