Workflow and settings for internet, TV, new media and podcasting

Getting high quality video for the Internet is easy: throw bandwidth at it.

Getting high quality video for the Internet at reasonable bandwidth is difficult and this is an area where Big Brains For Rent excels: to develop systems (and where necessary technologies) to automate encoding workflow for medium to large scale needs.

Big Brains For Rent works with a broad selection of the latest encoding tools that can be brought to bear on any encoding need. Big Brains For Rent recommends H.264/MP4 for most distribution needs, but is equally comfortable working with Flash 8/9 (On2 VP6) and Windows Media where they are a more appropriate deliverable.

Big Brains For Rent can advise clients on the most suitable format for their distribution needs. We have the expertise to get the best encoded quality from any footage by combining appropriate pre-processing with the best encoding tool for the output format.

Encoding System Development

Most large-scale encoding needs require automation of the workflow. This is an area where Big Brains For Rent brings considerable expertise and experience using a combination of software features, AppleScript and Watch folders to completely, or substantially, automate the encoding process after determining optimal pre-processing and encoding settings for each need.

Big Brains For Rent created automated workflow for:

  • eTV on Demand;
  • Intellicaster;
  • Wildfresh;
  • and others under NDA.

Encoding Clients

A sampling of Big Brains For Rent encoding clients would include:

  • eTV on Demand (H.264 MPEG-4)
  • SeaStudios, Inc for National Geographic
  • International Wildlife Film Festival
  • ASIFA Awards voting videos (2007-2009)
  • CinemaCaster
  • Petersburg (AL) Department of Tourism
  • Wildfresh
  • UHMN
  • Brain Damaged Films

Speaking engagements

Big Brains For Rent’s Philip Hodgetts has presented on encoding topics at Digital Video ExpoNAB Post Production (2001 – 2006), Streaming Media East, Streaming Media West and other conferences.